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At Active Pictures we work with you at every stage of the production process, to make the experience informative, affordable, creative and enjoyable.

To achieve this we have three main objectives:

• To make the process of film production straightforward.
• To be approachable and open to any business or project.
• To provide a service that has procedures, timings and costs, clearly defined at the outset, to suit your budget.

So if you want to launch your product, service or build brand awareness and you think a TV commercial is beyond your budget, you may be pleasantly surprised. But a sensible budget doesn’t mean a reduction in quality. Our no-nonsense approach is complemented by our creative and technical skills along with our extensive experience. As a result we have a wide range of satisfied customers – from small independent companies to household names such as Tesco, Lloyds Pharmacy, The Walt Disney Company and Toys 'R' Us.

Whether you have a vague idea, or a detailed brief, we have a proven track record in guiding clients through every aspect of television production – from initial concept and storyboarding to the delivery of a hardworking, effective and memorable television commercial to the TV stations.

Our passion is broadcast advertising and we specialise in:

• TV commercial production.
• Cinema commercial production.
• Anglicising foreign television commercials for broadcast in the UK.
• High end corporate films

We also have many years of experience of working with Creative and Advertising Agencies producing entire project or jumping in at any point in the production process, adding to their existing skill set, plus we have an exceptional portfolio of Directors to cover most disciplines.

Please take a look around our website to view some examples of our work and if you’d like to discuss how we could help with your next TV commercial, it’s easy to take the next step; email us or call us on: 0113 389 1176 / 07971 987 315

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